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  Shea Money

Born in Tucson, a residential Zoney, Shea Abramo, has traveled far and wide.  Her art had been just a means to travel in early years, and sold for only the purpose of getting her from point A to point B.  Her artwork evolved as she did, and you can see how her coastal era came from her migrating to the south.  She fell in love.  Settled and inspired.  Her landscapes will show you where she has been, or where she plans to be.  Her love for commissions comes from the challenge given to execute anothers vision. Not only can you see her experiences on canvas but she can put your experiences on canvas too.   Shea Abramo is one of Anderson, South Carolinas local artists.  "Community Driven," she says.  Now, she is proactive in the art scene,  and embracing other local talent to do the same.  "There is so much talent out there! If I can't do it, I know someone who can."  Her goal is to establish a place for artists of all mediums.  "Support your Locals!" her motto and ambition to get the people to reach out, buy local, be local, and continue this trend of community by paying it forward.  You will see many of her works around the great town of Anderson.  Also, making way in Greenville, and out of state commissions as well.  You can see her network in every avenue from local eateries, watering holes, art centers, churches, and festivals. Now delighting her followers through the interwebs and establishing business where anybody can reach out to her.  "Bring on the requests, share your story. I want to be able to say at any given point....sure I can paint that"   

Shea Abramo
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